Analysis of Roche share price

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Check out useful information about the Roche pharmaceutical group and its activities in this extensive file along with helpful data its technical analysis and a historical analysis of its price as well as its rea-time price.  

Latest news

Roche becomes Moderna partner in vaccine candidate trials

09/12/2020 - 17h04

The Roche Group announced this morning the establishment of a new strategic partnership with the Moderna Group for the trials of the candidate vaccine against the new coronavirus.

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

The development of the online platform set up by Roche which should allow it to gain new customers in the coming years and better understand the needs of its consumers.

Analysis N°2

The fact that the market is in full development should also allow Roche to improve its competitiveness facing competition with a dilution of the competitive advantage.

Analysis N°3

The revival of economic growth and the rise in purchasing power after a long period of crisis is also good news for Roche, which should therefore continue to increase its sales.

Analysis N°4

The recent drop in fuel prices has also allowed Roche to reduce its transportation costs and enables it to be more competitive.

Analysis N°5

Recent tax policy reforms may also impact Roche's business model by giving it the opportunity to increase its profitability as an established player.

Analysis N°6

However, the American market which has a tendancy towards isolationism and which already generates losses for Roche could give similar ideas to other countries which would have a negative impact on the group's international sales.

Analysis N°7

The company lacks in regularity reggarding the ontroduction of new products which causes a drop in sales over certain periods.

Analysis N°8

The fact that the price of certain raw materials is significantly rising could also impact the profitability of the Roche group, as can the pay rises in the United States and China.

Analysis N°9

The group's profitability also depends on the exchange rate of certain highly volatile currencies due to its international presence, depending on the unstable geopolitical climate.

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General presentation of the Roche Company:

The Roche Holding group is currently one of the leaders in the pharmaceutical sector worldwide. Its activity can be divided into several large sectors, mainly pharmaceuticals as well as diagnostics.

Although the Roche pharmaceutical group is Swiss, it achieves only a small percentage of its turnover within the country. Its activity extends mainly to the United States, Europe, Asia and Japan.


Knowing Roche shares competition:

The Roche pharmaceutical group is currently the world's number 3 in this sector, particularly due to its vaccines and medicines produced for the entire world. But naturally, it's not the only one trying to increase market shares on an international level in this field and has to thwart competition plans. Each year, the ranking of world pharmaceutical leaders evolves and the results of these large companies play an undeniable role on the evolution of their stock market prices. This is why we advise you to read the news from each of the major groups in the top 5:


The strategic alliances set up by the Roche group:

The Roche group is constantly establishing strategic partnerships and alliances in the field of research, production or distribution in order to consolidate its commercial forces.


Introduction and stock quote of the Roche share:

The Roche share price is currently listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. It's also included in the calculation of the EuroStoxx 50 stock market index.


Economic history

To be able to understand what can influence the evolution of the Roche share price, you must first analyze the events that have marked its financial and economic history and their impact on the stock. Here are some important dates from recent years:



Another fundamental fact that you should take into account in your historical analysis of Roche share prices and in the implementation of an effective strategy is the financial results of this group. To help you, here are some figures to know about the past few years.

In order to trade the Roche share with CFDs you must take the following into account:

Simultaneously using all of these indicators, will allow you to better anticipate future variations in the price of this share on the stock market and take more strategically convincing positions with risk limitation.


The advantages and strengths of the Roche share as a stock market asset :

First of all, the automation of activities implemented by the Roche Group brings an improvement in the quality of products and has enabled the Group to develop further or, on the contrary, to reduce its activities in line with the real needs of the market.

The Roche group has also demonstrated its ability to adapt to new markets through expertise that enables it to penetrate them more easily and to establish a long-term presence in them. As a result of this external expansion, Roche has been able to generate more revenues but also to protect itself against the cyclical risks of the market in which it mainly operates.

The Roche Group is also recognised as a reliable supplier as it has a strong base of its own raw materials suppliers. This enables it to cope with supply chain bottlenecks and to meet its orders.

Roche can also rely on a strong and reliable distribution network which it has built up over time and which enables it to reach a large part of the world market.

The Group also has a highly skilled workforce, which it is constantly strengthening through attractive training and apprenticeship programs. The Roche Group invests heavily in the training and skills development of its employees, which not only provides the Group with a workforce but also increases employee motivation.

Another strength of the Group is the particularly high level of satisfaction of Roche's customers. Thanks to its dedicated Customer Relationship Management department Roche has succeeded in achieving a very high level of customer satisfaction among its existing customers and thus attracting more prospects.

The Group's returns on capital expenditure are also a strength. Roche has successfully completed numerous projects with rapid and significant returns on investment.

Finally, the last advantage of the Group is of course its capacity for innovation with a successful track record in the recurrent development of new products.


Disadvantages and weaknesses of the Roche share as a stock market asset :

Firstly, it is known that the Roche Group encounters some difficulties in integrating certain companies that have a different working culture from its own. The group is unable to merge with some smaller companies because of this difference.

On the labour market, Roche is known to spend a lot of money on training its employees. However, this expenditure may be a drag on profitability in a period of falling production costs for the pharmaceutical industry as a whole and in particular in the face of competition which seems to be reducing such expenditure.

It is also known that both the rate of return of the Roche group and its net contribution are below the average for the industry.

The lack of diversity in the product range offered by this company is also regrettable. This limited choice may allow some of its main competitors to take market share from it. Similarly, Roche is rather poor at anticipating rising demand for certain products with sometimes insufficient or sometimes too much stock.

It should also be borne in mind here that, although the Roche Group is currently one of the leaders in the pharmaceuticals sector, its success in its ancillary activities remains limited. The company is experiencing some difficulties in expanding into other product segments.

Lastly, it should be borne in mind that Roche faces very strong competition from companies in the same sector, which puts additional pressure on results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which subsidiaries does the Roche group own?

The Roche group carries out its activities through various subsidiaries specialized either by type of production or by geographic area and which are the result of an international expansion strategy implemented by this group for many years. Roche's subsidiaries include Genentech, Ventana Medical Systems, Roche in the United Kingdom, Roche in Israel, Roche in the United States and Roche.

What are the latest figures to know about the Roche share?

The analysis of financial and stock market data for the Roche share is of course essential if you want to put in place a good strategy for this security. Regarding the latest official publications of the group, there is a total market capitalization of the group of around 252,909 million CHF at the end of 2019. The turnover for the 2018 financial year was CHF 58,846 million with net profit of CHF 10,500 million.

Is Roche one of the largest pharmaceutical industries in the world?

Yes, to date, the Roche group is among the largest pharmaceutical industries in the world. More precisely and in terms of turnover, this Swiss company is positioned as number three in this sector of activity, just behind the Pfizer and Novartis groups and just before Merck and Sanofi. Of course, this positioning can change depending on the change in the distribution of market shares.

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