Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

The brand's efforts to expand into the market will of course be important elements to follow, as will the release of new innovative products.

Analysis N°2

Closely following the strategy aimed at targeting customer needs more precisely and currently in place at Adobe.

Analysis N°3

The computer industry as a whole will be a prime indicator to follow the Adobe stock, whose sales are closely linked to computer sales worldwide.

Analysis N°4

Takeovers from other innovative companies may also allow Adobe to expand the size of its product portfolio.

Analysis N°5

The absence of Adobe products for computers running Linux being a real problem for the group, the development of such a product will no doubt be an important and impactful event.

Analysis N°6

Criticisms of Adobe products can also damage the group's brand image and must therefore be taken seriously.

Analysis N°7

Finally, certain brands that prohibit Adobe from developing products for them is also an obstacle that must be taken into account. This was the case particularly with the Apple group.

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General presentation of the Adobe Company:

The American group Adobe Systems is a software development specialist for the creation, publication and visual or digital distribution of content. However, it's important to divide its activity into several sectors according to the share of turnover that they represent.

The largest share of Adobe's revenue being 67.3%, is generated by digital media software such as creative, illustration, viewing and converting software as well as distributing digital content.

Next come online sales and business process management software which generate 29.7% of turnover with web publishing software, information security software, resource planning software, documentary production management  software or application automation.

Finally, the remaining 3% of turnover comes from high definition printing software or online training.

Finally, it's also subscription sales that generate the most revenue, before product sales and services. The latter only represent 8% of the profits of the Adobe Systems Company.

The group mainly impacts the United States market, but also the Americas, Europe and the Middle East, Japan and Asia in order of importance.


Knowing Adobe shares competition:

The software market is constantly evolving and the different competitors are waging a fierce war with innovations and marketing strategies. The Adobe group is currently the tenth largest software provider in the world. It faces fierce competition mainly from American groups but also international ones which it's important to recognise before you start trading this stock online.

Here is the ranking of the largest companies in this sector by level of market shares:


Strategic alliances set up by the Adobe group:


Introduction and quotation of the Adobe stock:

The Adobe stock price is currently listed on the Nasdaq Global select Market in the United States and is included in the calculation of the Nasdaq 100 stock market index.

A simple look at the stock market data over the past ten years is enough to support the idea that the Adobe share is undoubtedly a very stable stock and therefore a safe investment. The historical technical analysis of its prices shows long and stable underlying trends with little downturn or surprise.

Over the past ten years, only two movements have followed one another, with a slight downward trend registered between November 2007 and March 2009, taking the stock from level $ 43.24 to $ 17.16. A clear and gradual upward recovery followed, which allowed Adobe shares to cross the psychological threshold of $ 100 in July 2016.


The advantages and strengths of the Adobe share as a stock market asset :

Firstly, the Adobe brand has a strong image of reliability in the eyes of consumers, which enables it to build loyalty and win over many prospects.

Adobe also benefits from the fact that more than 98% of desktops on sale today incorporate one or more of the company's solutions, significantly increasing the reach of its customers.

Of course, the Adobe Group is also a group that is recognised as being particularly innovative, which makes its products particularly appreciated and sought after by user customers.

Through its many partnerships, Adobe has also had the intelligence to partner with digital media and data creation specialists. This gives Adobe a certain advantage with regard to its business customers and contributes to their loyalty.

Of course, the size of the company's payroll is also a measure of its success and the image of its success. Adobe currently employs no less than 9,000 people worldwide.

In addition to its flagship products, Adobe continues to innovate with major development activities in countries such as the USA, Canada, Germany, India, Romania and China. These countries are not chosen by chance as they are very promising in terms of future sales due to their habits and economic development.


Disadvantages and weak points of the Adobe share as a stock exchange asset :

First of all, it is regrettable that the Adobe group has not invested more in the development of solutions adaptable to Linux operating systems, which represents a part of the IT market today which, although minimal, is still significant. Indeed, to this day, Adobe still does not have any differentiated products capable of breaking into this operating system.

Still concerning the weak points of Adobe, one can also underline that some of its products remain relatively expensive to be able to sell in large quantities. This is the case for some software packages and creative solutions.

Finally, the functionalities that Adobe has invented and implemented are not really oriented towards customer satisfaction with a lower than average level of satisfaction.

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