Analysis of Aston Martin share price for trading

In this article entirely dedicated to Aston Martin shares we offer you the information you need to create and implement a comprehensive analysis of this asset and its future trends so you can fine tune your investment strategy over the long term. In fact, using the different information we have collected you will be able to understand how this share price will perform on the stock markets. In this article you will learn about this company’s activities, its competitors on the market and its major recent partnerships and alliances. We will also summarise the data required to complete a fundamental analysis of this share price.  

Trade in Aston Martin shares!
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Latest news

Aston Martin reduces staff and saves money to cope with coronavirus losses

05/06/2020 - 15h42

The British luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin has suffered heavy losses in the first quarter of 2020 due to the pandemic. The father of the famous James Bond car is therefore taking steps to cope. Reductions in its workforce, subcontractors and sites are among the measures undertaken.

Our advice for trading Aston Martin share

Tip number 1

It is first of all necessary to follow the progress or changes in the automobile industry throughout the world and learn information such as the number of new registrations.

Tip number 2

The marketing strategy implemented by Aston Martin together with its communications strategy are also elements to be monitored as they will enable this group to attract new clients.

Tip number 3

In the same way, the methods used by the group to expand its distribution worldwide are also essential to know.

Tip number 4

We would also monitor the pricing strategy exercised by this group in this top of the range sector.

Tip number 5

The fuel commodities market, the crude oil sector in particular should also be carefully monitored if you wish to invest in this asset.

Tip number 6

We would also follow the competitors of Aston Martin and their major news or announcements.

Tip number 7

Finally, it is of course necessary to pay careful attention to the innovations achieved by the group relating to products and engineering.

Trade in Aston Martin shares!
75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

General presentation of the Aston Martin Company:

We now offer you the opportunity to learn more about the Aston Martin Group and its activities. It is in fact through a thorough knowledge of the revenue sources of this company that you will be able to correctly analyse the factors that could influence the share price of this company, either positively or negatively.

The Aston Martin Group is a British holding company that operates in the automobile sector. More precisely, this company is specialised in the creation, development, manufacturing and sales of cars.

The group also produces different ranges of cars with models including the Grand Tourer, the Vantage sports car and the Super GT. It also produces four door sports coupes such as the Rapid S as well as special edition models such as the Vantage GT12, Vantage GT8, Vanquish Zagato Coupe, Vanquish Zagato Volante, Vanquish Zagato Speedster, DB4GT Continuation and Aston Martin Vulcan.

Still relating to the major sources of revenue of the Aston Martin Group we note the provision of maintenance and repair services of vehicles sold as well as the restoration of Aston Martin models through its maintenance company, Aston Martin Works Limited.

This holding company owns and operates a number of subsidiaries including AM Brand Limited, AM Nurburgring Racing Limited, AML Italy Srl, AML Overseas Services Limited, AMWS Limited, Aston Martin Capital Holdings Limited, Aston Martin Capital Limited and Aston Martin Holdings.

This company currently employs 2,450 people.


Know the competition to Aston Martin shares:

Before learning about the recent partnerships of this company it is pertinent to learn more about the major competitors of Aston Martin. In fact, this company faces competition from some large and well established luxury and high range vehicle manufacturers such as the following:

  • Ferrari: This Italian company is an automobile manufacturer based in Maranello which has existed since 1947. It is particularly specialised in luxury sports vehicles.
  • Bentley: This British automobile manufacturer, created in 1919, is currently owned by the German Volkswagen Group.
  • Porsche: This is also a German automobile manufacturer that was created in 1931 by an engineer who also created the first Volkswagen. Porsche is also renowned for being the most profitable automobile manufacturer in history, it is now owned by the Volkswagen Group.
  • Jaguar: The Jaguar Group is in fact a British automobile brand that offers luxury and sports cars. This brand has been owned since 2008 by the Indian automobile manufacturing company, Tata Motors.
  • Lamborghini: This Italian automobile manufacturer was created in 1963 and was previously specialised in agricultural equipment before diversifying then specialising in the emblematic sports cars that we know today.
  • Maserati: Finally, we also take into account the competition presented by the Italian manufacturer Maserati which is one of the subsidiaries of the Fiat Chrysler Group which is specialised in luxury automobiles, sports cars and racing cars. It was created in 1914.


Strategic alliances implemented by the Aston Martin Group:

Of course, the Aston Martin Group also has allies and regularly implements strategic partnerships with other companies with the aim of boosting its sales and growth or developing new technological models. Here are a few of its more recent partnerships:

  • TAG Heuer: In 2018, it was with this company that Aston Martin Racing became an official partner. This subsidiary of the French luxury products group LVMH thereby became a favoured partner of this automobile brand in the official watches sector.
  • Mercedes: Another interesting partnership is that implemented by Aston Martin with the Mercedes Group. This particular alliance is a technical partnership with the sports section of this German group. More precisely this partnership has enabled Aston Martin to benefit from access to resources and the AMG engines of Mercedes and thereby the development of new V8 engine blocks in a communal fashion. In return for this contribution from Mercedes, its subsidiary, Daimler, bought 5% of the Aston Martin capital.
  • Total: Finally, another partnership, an older one this time, was recently renewed by Aston Martin. This is a partnership implemented with the Total Group which is the fourth largest petroleum and gas company worldwide. To summarise, the subsidiary Aston Martin Racing, specialised in sports cars, renewed its 2016 partnership with this company for a few extra years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the principal weak points of Aston Martin shares?

Aston Martin shares do have certain weak points for investors that you should be aware of even though they are relatively few. Firstly they have only lightly penetrated the market compared to the stronger positions occupied by their competitors. We also note that the product range of this group is fairly limited on certain markets including the principal emerging markets where this company is not well represented.

How are Aston Martin’s activities distributed geographically?

The geographical range of its activities and the revenue of the Aston Martin group also represent advantageous information for you to be aware of. We therefore note that that this company achieves 29.6% of its turnover in America, 24.2% in Pacific Asia, 23.2% in Europe and the Middle East/Africa and only 23% in the United Kingdom. This information will enable you to better understand the company’s exposure to geo-economic risk.

What other brand names are owned by Aston Martin?

The Aston Martin Group is above all renowned for its vehicle brand of the same name. However this group also owns the Lagonda brand that has existed since 1906 and is another filial British brand of Aston Martin. This information is important to take into consideration for your analysis of Aston Martin shares as it can strongly influence the price of this asset depending on the number of vehicles sold under this brand name.

Where and how to invest in the Aston Martin share price?

If you are one of the investors interested in Aston Martin shares then you can start to speculate now on this asset online by taking positions on its share price using CFDs.

Trade in Aston Martin shares!
75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.