Analysis of Chevron share price

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Discover one of them in detail here, the Chevron share. Here you'll find its live price as well as its historical technical analysis and some information on the activities of the group.  

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

Chevron's pricing policy for fuels and oils. It's in the company's best interest to increase its prices in order to gain profitability.

Analysis N°3

Future capital investments, particularly in the search for natural gas and oil deposits. Discoveries of new oil patches, particularly in Brazil, Africa and Canada, which meet American requirements.

Analysis N°4

The development of additional activities by the Chevron group.

Analysis N°5

The level of energy demand in the world and its evolution over the next few years.

Analysis N°6

The regulations of various world governments regarding energy and the environment which may affect Chevron's activities.

Analysis N°7

A complete study of the very significant competition in this sector and more specifically the evolution of the market shares of each major player along with all the publications and communications of the main competitors of the Chevron group.

Analysis N°8

The evolution of the electricity market in the automotive sector which represents a long-term threat to Chevron sales.

Analysis N°9

The global economic crisis and its evolution as it weighs on the purchasing power of energy consumers. This particularly affects the United States market.

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General presentation of the Chevron Company:

American group Chevron is one of the leaders in the oil and gas sector worldwide. Its activity mainly involves refining and distributing oil, but also the exploration and production of petroleum and natural gas to a lesser extent.

Chevron also produces electricity and generates most of its turnover internationally.

The Chevron share price is currently listed on the NYSE Main Market and is included in the calculation of the Dow Jones stock index.


Knowing Chevron shares competition:

The American company Chevron is one of the largest oil companies in the world. As a result, it faces significant competition from other giants of the industry. Find out more about these competitors in order to further refine your fundamental analysis of this security.


The strategic alliances set up by the Chevron group:

In recent years, Chevron has established interesting strategic partnerships that can check out here.


Benefits and drawbacks of Chevron shares as a stock market asset:

First of all, Chevron's positioning in its sector of activity is very interesting. Bear in mind that this group is currently one of the leaders in supplying energy to people around the world.

Chevron is also well represented internationally. In fact, it has significant presence on the entire world market and commercialises its energy on all continents, which protects it from the risks associated with a single economic zone.

Investors on the stock market and shareholders also appreciate the stability of the Chevron group's financial situation, which makes it possible to make more or less reliable conjectures as to its long-term profitability and avoids unpleasant surprises.

Chevron also stands out from its competitors in terms of energy produced by geothermal energy. It's the world leader of this specific activity sector. It can also count on its work force with 67,000 employees worldwide.

It's also important to note that the Chevron group has also made every effort to diversify its activities as much as possible. Keep to mind that this company is not limited to the supply of energy but also offers refining, exploration or geothermal services.

Finally, Chevron's latest asset is its membership in the Energy Corporation group with international reach which provides it with long-term financial security.


Benefits and drawbacks of Chevron shares as a stock market asset:

First of all, remember that the group recently encountered difficulties which are still present due to environmental problems. These problems entail significant costs which penalize the group's overall profitability.

Other problems, of a legal nature this time, also caused harm to the company by significantly slowing down its economic rhythm and, incidentally, impacted the entire energy sector as a whole. Another case that also impacted the brand image of the group is the fact that it did not comply with the Clean Air Act in America.

Another weak point of the Chevron is its tendency to reduce the stock of products which could pose a problem in the event of an increase in demand with an inability to respond on time.

The activities of the Chevron group which take place in certain specific geographical areas such as California, Africa or even Ecuador are considered to be dangerous for the environment and could be subject to a ban.

The company was also directly involved in the very significant drop in turnover in the refined products sector.

Finally, no doubt due to a drop in efficiency in the extraction and production sector, there has been a significant slide in the reserves of crude oil and gas held by the company in recent years. Because of this, investors and analysts are relatively worried about the ability of this stock to follow a positive trend in the years to come.

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Trade the Chevron stock!
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