Analysis of EA (Electronic Arts) share price

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It is now possible to take a buy and sell position on the Electronic Arts share price thanks to online brokers and their trading platforms. To do so, however, we advise you first to improve your knowledge about this company by discovering in our article all the elements you will need when setting up your strategies. In particular, you will find general stock market data but also explanations about the activities, competitors and partners of this group. We will also show you how to carry out your technical and fundamental analyses on this stock in order to best anticipate future trends.  

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

The Electronic Arts group should continue to expand its games offering through targeted buyouts. It will therefore be necessary to monitor all of these operations and their anticipated profitability.

Analysis N°2

Electronic Arts also targets public markets and wishes to continue to offer the American government simulation software adapted to defence, medicine, etc...

Analysis N°3

The group is also diversifying by offering more and more training and coaching software in order to become less dependent on the gambling sector alone. In the same way, it is strongly working on its marketing image by offering more and more products derived from its major licences, which enables it to increase its turnover.

Analysis N°4

Finally, EA should be able to count on the multiplicity of its creative studios to release a few blockbusters in the coming years as it has done in the past.

Analysis N°5

However, the market for game consoles on which Electronic Arts is heavily dependent is currently experiencing some losses and a slight decline due to the development of other types of games, both online and on Smartphone.

Analysis N°6

Like its competitors, Electronic Arts is also suffering the consequences of the increasing piracy of its game software, particularly in certain specific countries where legislation is more flexible in this area.

76.4% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

General presentation of the company EA (Electronic Arts) :

The American group Electronic Arts, also known by the acronym EA, is a specialist in video game publishing. More specifically, it is one of the leading game developers and publishers in North America.  It develops and markets video games for various types of media, including :

The games developed by the Electronic Arts group can also be divided into two main groups according to the form of these games and in this way :

It should also be noted that the sale of products generates 54.5% of the company's turnover and that associated services generate more than 45.5% of turnover.

Finally and from a purely geographical point of view, the Electronic Arts group makes more than 56.3% of its profits internationally and the rest in the United States.


To know the competition of the EA (Electronic Arts) action :

The American group Electronic Arts has made a name for itself in the video game industry and is now one of the world leaders in this sector thanks to some very popular game licences. But of course, it is still threatened by very strong competition in this field since it currently occupies eighth place in the world ranking in this field behind a few big names in the game it is trying to beat and ahead of other large companies that are trying to take market share from it. This is the reason why we propose you here to discover the complete list of the biggest video game developers in the world :


The strategic alliances set up by the EA (Electronic Arts) group :

Of course and to face this very aggressive competition, the Electronic Arts group can also rely on an effective strategy that includes strategic partnerships and well thought-out alliances with certain other players in this field or in complementary fields. As you can see, the major partnerships put in place by Electronic Arts are not thought out without reason, and are all aimed at improving the group's results and sales. Therefore, it is particularly interesting to keep an eye on all the news concerning EA's future alliances with other companies which may of course have a direct impact on its share price on the stock market. To better understand the value of these alliances, we suggest that you take a look at the recent partnerships that the EA Group has put in place.


The advantages and strong points of the Electronic Arts share as a stock market asset :


Disadvantages and weaknesses of the Electronic Arts share as a stock market asset :

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