Analysis of Tencent share price

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Do you want to invest online in Tencent shares via CFDs or buy this security? In this case, we offer our help to this effect and to help you carry out an analysis of this title of the best quality. To effectively speculate on this value, you must be able to understand who is this company, who are its competitors and partners or what are the elements which will have a direct or indirect influence on its share price. It is precisely these elements and all the information you need that we will present to you in detail on this page.  

Latest news

The Chinese group Tencent is about to buy a search engine

28/07/2020 - 12h03

Will the Tencent group soon be operating a search engine in China? This is at least what the announcement made this morning by the company that made a takeover bid to Sogou suggests.

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

We will follow for example the diversification of Internet use in China in different areas of everyday life and which could add sources of income to Tencent.

Analysis N°2

Tencent being above all a technological and innovative company, we will closely follow its expansion strategy based on the implementation of new services and the filing of new patents.

Analysis N°3

We will also follow the way in which Tencent tends to diversify its activities by focusing more on activities with the highest sources of income such as value-added services.

Analysis N°4

Of course, it will be necessary to keep an eye on the very strong competition of this sector of activity on a global level but especially in China.

Analysis N°5

We will monitor very strict laws and government policies in China and abroad and their evolution over time, which can thus influence the group's business activities.

Analysis N°6

Finally, we will of course follow the publications of annual and quarterly results by Tencent as well as the communications of strategic plans for this company

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General presentation of the Tencent company:

Now let's take a few moments to introduce you in more detail to Tencent and its various activities. This will allow you to understand what are the main sources of income for this group and thus anticipate the possibilities for growth.

The Tencent group is a Chinese investment company that mainly provides value-added or VAS services as well as online advertising services. This company carries out activities in several sectors which we invite you to discover now in more detail.

To date, the Tencent group employs 62885 people worldwide.


Knowing Tencent shares competition:

Let us now take a few moments to analyze the sector of activity in which the Tencent group operates and which, as we have just seen, concerns several segments. In this sense, Tencent faces several big competitors of which here is a quick presentation:

NetEase Inc: This is a Chinese internet company which is notably in charge of the operation of 163.com, a Chinese web portal. This company has also invested in a search engine and in the online gaming sector.


The strategic alliances set up by the Tencent group:

After having reviewed the various competitors of Tencent, let's move on to an analysis of its partners with some examples of strategic alliances that this group has been able to set up in the past:

Frequently Asked Questions

How to analyze variations in the Tencent share price?

To make a good analysis of the Tencent share price, you should ideally combine two types of analysis. Of course, this is the technical analysis which uses the graphs and the various indicators, and the fundamental analysis with the study and interpretation of the elements and publications of the news likely to influence this title and investors who speculate on it.

Where can I find information about Tencent and its results?

Although the Tencent group is a Chinese group, it is quite easy to obtain clear and transparent information about its news, its financial results or its strategic forecasts. For that, you just have to go to the part of the site of this company reserved for the investors or to consult the card of this title at your broker.

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