Analysis of Evraz share price

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Are you thinking about trading online in Evraz shares or planning to buy this asset to add to your stock market portfolio? If this is the case then we recommend you read our advice regarding an analysis of this company together with information and practical data that will enable you to better understand how this share price may vary with details on this company and its activities, its turnover and revenue, a presentation of its major competitors on the market and information on some of its major recent partnerships. We also examine the advantages and disadvantages of this asset and offer information regarding the data you should favour for your fundamental analysis of this asset.  

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

Firstly we would carefully monitor the economic health of the industry sector served by the major clients of Evraz. An economic recession or significant growth could greatly influence a rise or fall in the demand thereby influencing the development opportunities for this group.

Analysis N°2

Of course, you will also need to follow the price of the commodities that Evraz needs to create its products as these will obviously influence the profitability of this company’s operations.

Analysis N°3

The production optimisation and growth strategies that this group implements over the next few years should also be subject to your attention, particularly operations related to mergers, acquisitions and partnerships.

Analysis N°4

We would of course also monitor the competition in this sector through the publications and announcements of the Evraz Company’s major competitors relating to their news, financial results and events.

Analysis N°5

Finally, we would of course take into account the annual and intermediate financial results of this company as published by them.

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Trade the Evraz share!
76.4% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

General presentation of the Evraz Company:

Let us now continue with some information about the Evraz Company which will enable you to better know and understand the different activities of this company and its sources of revenue. Here therefore is a detailed presentation of the company.

The Evraz Group is a Russian company specialised in the steel industry sector. It is in fact one of the major companies from this country that specialises in this sector.

To better understand the activities of this company it is possible to divide them into sectors depending on the turnover generated and how the company achieves this:

It can also be advantageous to understand the geographical distribution of the activities and income of this company.  At present, the Evraz Group achieves around 35.5% of its turnover from Russia. 3.4% is from Taiwan, 2.7% from Indonesia, and 1.8% is from Thailand. A larger amount of its turnover, 13.3% to be exact is from other Asian countries, 17.3% is from the United States, 9.1% is from Europe, 4.2% from Canada and 10.7% from other countries around the world.


Know the competition to Evraz’s shares:

We now offer you the opportunity to learn more about the competitors of Evraz in its activity sector as this group faces serious competition from major corporations that you should know about in detail before making any decisions regarding the strategy to adopt on this asset.


The strategic alliances implemented by the Evraz Group:

The Evraz Group certainly needs to face strong competition in its activity sector however it can also count on the support of its strategic allies. We will therefore take the time now to introduce you to several prime examples of partnerships implemented by this company over the last few years that have strongly influenced its growth:


The advantages and strong points of the Evraz share price as a stock market asset:

We shall now examine together if the Evraz shares are truly advantageous with a summary of this company’s major advantages and disadvantages, its strengths and weaknesses.

Let us start this analysis with a summary of the various advantages of the Evraz Company and therefore the strong points of this share on the stock market with the following factors:


The disadvantages and weak points of Evraz shares as a stock market asset:

Concerning the disadvantages of this share and therefore the weak points of this company we note the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the major manufacturing sites for Evraz?

The principal steel manufacturing sites of Evraz are in Russia, Europe and North America with factories at Nizhny Tagil, Novokuznetsk, the province of Udine in Italy, the Strategic Minerals Corporation in the United States, the Evraz Consolidated West-Siberian Metallurgical Plant, Kachkanarsky Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise and the Sukha Balka Mines in the Ukraine.

Who are the principal shareholders in the Evraz Company?

The capital of the Evraz Company is divided among different private shareholder including Roman Abramovitch who holds 57.5% of the share capital, Alexander Abramov with 19.4%, Alexander Frolov with 9.69% of the share, Gennady Ivanovich Kozovov with a 5.77% shareholding, Eugene Shvidler with 2.79% of the capital, the National Depository Center with 1.97% of the capital, Union Bancaire Privée with 1.74% of the shares, Norges Bank Investment Management with 1.51% of the share capital, Arcadian Asset Management with 1.15% of the shares, and the Vanguard Group with 0.99% of the share capital.

Where is the Evraz share price currently quoted and in which indices is it included?

The Evraz share price is currently quoted on the Main Market of the London Stock Market, or LSE. It is therefore quoted in a continuous manner and in real time during the opening hours of this market. However this share price is also included in the British stock market Index, the FTSE 100, which includes the top 100 British companies in terms of stock market capital on this financial marketplace.

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Trade the Evraz share!
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