Siemens share falls on falling profits

  •   05/02/2020 - 16h51
  •   Adeline HARMANT

These unsatisfactory realities of Siemens would be due to the drawbacks caused by the difficulties faced by the German manufacturing sector, on industrial digitisation, which represents its main activity, added to the losses incurred by its wind power activities.  

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Siemens share falls on falling profits
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What to remember about the fall in Siemens stock?

The Director-General, Mr Joe Kaeser, of the German group diversified in energy, industrial digital and railways, as he put it, reiterated the importance of the Group's commitment to the development of its activities in the fields of energy, industrial digital and railways.the Group believes that it based its estimates on a stabilisation of activity in the second half of the year following a rather weak start to the year.

In the first quarter of the German group's postponed financial year, which takes into account the months of October and December, there was a decline in the professional result. This decline can be estimated at 30% to 1.43 billion euros. It should be noted that this result is well below the consensus (1.88 billion), on the basis of a slight increase in turnover to 20.32 billion (with 20.63 billion at the consensus).

Nevertheless, despite the amount of industrial exploitation, apart from redundancy payments, and its considerable drop of 8.3% compared to 10.5% when it was 10.5% when it was 10.5%.analysis compared with last year's results, the German Siemens group to confirm its future full-year earnings per share estimates. These full-year earnings per share forecasts are in the range of 6.30 to 7.00 euros, and those after a first-quarter EPS of 1.33 euros will be posted.


The reasons for the fall of the Siemens share and their repercussions on the country's economy

According to the statements of Joe Kaeser, Managing Director of the German group, the weak performance of the energy business reinforced Siemens' priorities.which refers to the project to separate all the electricity and gas activities (which are in difficulty), and to merge them with the Gamesa wind power activities.

It should also be noted that in the first quarter, the result after Gas and Power operations extended by 63%, while Gamesa incurred a considerable loss of 165 million euros. This considerable loss is due to the delay in the implementation of some projects due to the natural disturbances of the season: the early winter in Northern Europe.

As for the German manufacturing sector, which alone accounts for about one-fifth of the German economy, it has been in a state of regret for thirteen (13) consecutive months, and tensions in the commercial world between the Chinese and US powers have been a source of concern.this is a real burden on the country's external transactions.

In addition, we should mention that before the official opening of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the Siemens Group was already listed with a regret of 2.5%.