Analysis of Wirecard share price for trading

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Wirecard files for bankruptcy after its financial scandal

26/06/2020 - 16h06

The Wirecard group, which has been at the heart of a financial scandal for the past few days, has just filed for bankruptcy on Thursday. Let's come back together on this major news and on the fall of this stock market value.

Our advice for trading Wirecard share

Tip number 1

The publication of this group’s financial results, either annually or quarterly as well as the financial objectives fixed by the group and their achievement or not.

Tip number 2

Any possible buyback or transfer operations are also factors to be taken into consideration as they may influence the treasury of the group or supply supplementary sources of income.

Tip number 3

We would of course closely follow contracts and partnerships signed by the group notably with international banking groups.

Tip number 4

Finally, we would of course monitor any growth by this company’s competitors and any changes in the market share of each of the major players.

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Trade in Wirecard shares!
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To buy Wirecard shares at exactly the right time or trade in this asset online, we offer our assistance for the implementation of your trading strategy. In fact, to detect future movements in this asset you will need to understand the factors that can influence this company’s share price, both positively and negatively, and this is what we offer you the chance to discover here through our detailed article with its advice and essential information.  


General presentation of the Wirecard Company:

We start our article with a more detailed presentation of this company. In fact, by better understanding the activities of this group you will be more able to anticipate movements in its share price.

The Wirecard group is a German company specialised in the sector of electronic payment solutions and services. More precisely, it is currently one of the largest suppliers worldwide for digital payment processing services and solutions and risk management related to financial operations such as financial crime and fraud. To better understand the activities of this company we offer a detailed breakdown of its activities according to the turnover generated by each sector:

Concerning the geographical distribution of the Wirecard Group’s activities, we note that this company achieves 47% of its turnover in Europe, 44.7% in Pacific Asia and 8.4% in America and Africa.


Know the competition to Wirecard shares:

Other than knowing the activities of this company in detail you will of course also need to understand the details of its activity sectors. For this you will need to learn about the competition faced by this company. Here we offer you the opportunity to read about the major competitors to Wirecard and their activities:


The strategic alliances implemented by the Wirecard Group:

We offer you now the opportunity to learn more about the partners of the Wirecard Group with details of recent strategic alliances implemented by this company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which elements could promote an increase in the Wirecard share price?

Several elements may support an increase in the Wirecard share price. You could particularly base your strategies on solid factors such as changes in online commerce and payments, the implementation of new solutions by this company or the signature of major new supply contracts with certain European or international banking groups that would increase the profitability of this company.

On which market are Wirecard shares quoted?

Wirecard shares are actually quoted on the German financial stock markets. More precisely, this asset can be found on the Prime Standard section of the Frankfurt stock exchange. The operator of this market is the Deutsche Börse Company. The distribution of companies on this market is completed in the conventional manner through the use of several market segments according to the stock market capital of the companies quoted.

What is the banking status of the Wirecard Company?

Since the beginning of 2006 the Wirecard Bank AG Company has been part of the Wirecard Group and a member of Visa, MasterCard and JCB. In fact this company holds a full banking license. The security of the bank’s deposits is thereby covered by the German bank deposit association’s protection fund. It should also be remembered that Wirecard was a partner of neo bank N26 until 2016.

Where and how to invest in the Wirecard share price online?

Wirecard shares are among the stock market assets that you can trade in directly online using CFDs. To do so join the eToro trading platform now which is one of the most reputable and popular on the market.

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Trade in Wirecard shares!
76.4% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.