Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

First, Baidu's market share on the Chinese domestic market will be monitored.

Analysis N°2

Although local competitors are few in number, they will still be closely monitored to identify players that may cause it to lose market share.

Analysis N°3

We will keep an even closer eye on the international giants in this sector of activity who are trying to establish themselves on the Chinese market on a long-term basis, such as Google or Yahoo.

Analysis N°4

Baidu's development of new IT infrastructure to improve Internet access rates is also an important consideration.

Analysis N°5

The decisions made by the government that regularly intervenes in the management of Baidu are also very important data that you must take into account in your fundamental analyses of this value.

Analysis N°6

Finally, and given that this company operates in a highly technological sector, the group's investments in research and development and the strategic partnerships it has established will also be monitored.

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General presentation of the Baidu company :

It is of course essential that you have a very good knowledge of Baidu before you start trading its shares on the stock market. Therefore, we are now offering you a detailed presentation of this group with its main activities and the breakdown of its sources of income.

Baidu Group Inc. is a Chinese company listed on the NASDAQ market. It is even China's leading Internet search engine. The site of this company integrates features such as definition, translation into English, downloading of videos or images and other functionalities.

In order to better understand the activities of this company, it is possible to divide them into different categories according to the share of turnover they generate and in this way :


To know the competition of Baidu's stock:

Now that you are more familiar with Baidu, it is time to take a more global look at the company's sector of activity with a presentation of its main competitors on the Chinese market.


The strategic alliances set up by the Baidu Group :

After going around Baidu's various opponents, we suggest you discover some of his strategic allies. Indeed, the group often sets up international partnerships in order to promote its growth and here are some recent examples:



We now offer you the opportunity to find out the pros and cons of Baidu stocks before you decide on a strategy to trade this stock. To do so, it is indeed necessary to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of this company, which are detailed below.

Let's start with a reminder of the strengths of this company:



With regard to the main weaknesses of this undertaking, the following points should be noted:

- Although Baidu is the leader of its sector in China, its brand recall internationally is still weak with less advertising activity than its competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Baidu listed on the NASDAQ 100 stock index?

Given that the Baidu Group is a Chinese company, one might wonder why it is included in the composition of the US NASDAQ 100 stock market index. In fact, this is because the NASDAQ index does not only include US stocks, but also the world's largest technology companies, including, of course, the Chinese giant Baidu.

Can you trade Baidu shares online?

Like many other international shares issued by companies with very large capitalizations, Baidu shares are available on certain online trading platforms. It is therefore possible to speculate on the rise or fall of their price directly from such a platform and using CFDs or contracts for difference, offered by approved brokers.

How to make a technical analysis of the Baidu share price?

Technical analysis, which complements fundamental analysis, is an essential method for any Baidu share strategy. You can carry out this analysis from the customizable charts provided by your broker, displaying trend or volatility indicators as well as the various market turning points.

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Trade the Baidu share!
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