Analysis of PepsiCo share price

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The PepsiCo stock is just as interesting as the Coca Cola stock which is its the direct competitor. But as you'll see, the company presents a much more diversified activity. So let's check out the group and its specific features as well as a historical analysis of the PepsiCo stock price on stock charts over the last ten years and some information for your analysis of its price.  

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

The development of activities and the increased infiltration of PepsiCo in certain developing or emerging countries.

Analysis N°2

Not only the pursuit of diversification of the group's product portfolio through buyouts of various brands. But also the diversification of the group's activities, particularly with regard to Yum! still with limited presence in certain countries and geographic areas with high potential.

Analysis N°3

Pursuing CSR activities for the benefit of the population making it possible to further improve PepsiCo’s brand image.

Analysis N°4

The evolution of consumer behaviour when faced with health issues often linked to the consumption of sweet and soft drinks along with snacks.

Analysis N°5

Regulations and standards put in place by the governments of countries in which PepsiCo markets its products.

Analysis N°6

The economic downturn and inflation which can lead to a drop in consumer purchasing power and a drop in sales.

Analysis N°7

Finally, it's important to carefully monitor the competition in all segments.

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General presentation of PepsiCo:

The PepsiCo group is currently one of the world leaders in soft drink and snacks manufacturing. But its activity is much more diverse than it seems. While most of its turnover is made in North America 57% in sales of drinks and snacks, the company also reaches the international market at almost 30% with the same products and by marketing them under different brands.

Finally, Latin America represents 12.7% of its turnover, particularly with the Doritos and Cheetos brands.


Knowing PepsiCo shares competition:

The American group PepsiCo is one of the giants of the global food industry. As such, it faces strong competition, in particular from the Swiss group Nestlé , which has been at the top of the ranking for some time. Despite his second place, PepsiCo must also be wary of other competitors such as the British company Unilever which follows close behind, Coca-Cola and Danone who respectively occupy the fifth and sixth place in this ranking.

In the more specific beverage sector, PepsiCo also has very serious competitors. Leader of this activity, here are its main competitors:


The strategic alliances set up by the PepsiCo group:


Introduction and pricing of the PepsiCo share:

The PepsiCo share price is currently listed on the Pan European market of NYSE ARCA Europe and includes the calculation of the SP 100 stock market index.


Stock market data


Economic history

Here are some highlights of the economic and financial history of PepsiCo from its creation to the present day.


PepsiCo benefits and strengths as a stock market asset:


Disadvantages and weak points of PepsiCo shares as a stock market asset:

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