Analysis of Qualcomm share price

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The Qualcomm share is one of the American securities on which it is possible to speculate online from a simple trading platform or through your bank. But to succeed in implementing an effective analysis on this stock market share, you must of course know perfectly this company, its activities, its competitors and possible partners as well as know how to carry out your fundamental analyzes by studying the strengths and weaknesses of this group and by detecting the challenges for the future that will arise in the months and years to come. This is precisely what we suggest you discover in this article with the help of some essential data.  

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

Firstly, to evaluate the movements in the profitability of Qualcomm it is necessary to follow movements in its subscriber base. This has actually been experiencing full growth over the last few years.

Analysis N°2

We would also keep a watchful eye on acquisitions by the group related to graphic resources and mobile multimedia that could increase this company’s turnover.

Analysis N°3

The mobile telephone sector, particularly the increase of the 5G technology worldwide is of course a favoured indicator for this stock market asset.

Analysis N°4

Qualcomm also seeks to position itself in the mobile banking sector. It is therefore important to closely follow movements in this sector.

Analysis N°5

On the other hand, certain setbacks such as the unfavourable change in the intellectual properties policies of the SDGs may lead to a reduction in the growth possibilities for Qualcomm and should therefore be followed closely.

Analysis N°6

We would of course also keep an eye on the global economic conditions.

Analysis N°7

Finally, any litigation relating to a patent used by Qualcomm could have significant consequences on the profitability of this company and these events should therefore not be taken lightly.

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General presentation of the Qualcomm Company:

The American company Qualcomm, based in San Diego, California, is a company specialised in the design, development and sale of software and CDMA systems worldwide. To better understand the range of activities of this technological group we can separate the products sold by Qualcomm into two sub-categories according to the turnover generated by each as follows:

From a geographical point of view, the activities of the Qualcomm Group are spread around the world. In fact, although this group is actually based in the United States, this company only achieves 2.3% of its turnover there. China is in fact one of the major markets of this company with 65.4% of its turnover and North Korea is in second position with 15.9% with the rest of the world providing 16.4% of its turnover.


Know the competition of Qualcomm shares:

The American Group Qualcomm is actually one of the international leaders in its activity sector. However this is not the only company trying to increase its share of the profitable IT software and equipment sector. In fact, Qualcomm has to face significant competition worldwide from major groups and companies including the following, classified according to turnover.      


The strategic alliances implemented by the Qualcomm Group:

In order to position itself among the leaders of this activity sector, the Qualcomm Group focuses above all on technological and innovative developments as well as counting on its ability to implement solid and beneficial alliances and partnerships with other companies around the world. Here then are some examples of recent partnerships that the group has implemented.       


The advantages and strengths of Qualcomm shares as a stock market asset :


Disadvantages and weaknesses of Qualcomm's stock as a stock market asset :

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