Analysis of SAP share price for trading

Our advice for trading SAP share

Tip number 1

The SAP Group should rapidly implement a strategy aimed at strongly and consistently developing its activities while the market is still consolidating.The results of these strategies should then be followed with great attention.

Tip number 2

Another point, the financial situation of this company is now more solid which could enable it to strengthen its presence in emerging markets through targeted and strategic investments in certain specific countries.

Tip number 3

We are also aware that SAP has recently heavily invested in research and development.It is clear that each new product launched by this company could assist in gaining new market shares for this group.

Tip number 4

Finally, we would also like to see the SAP Group widen its product portfolio through the acquisition of companies in various sectors.

Tip number 5

Firstly, it would be advantageous to closely monitor the major competitor of the SAP Group, the American company Oracle, which holds tightly onto its market share.

Tip number 6

The increasing development of ‘Open Source’ technologies could also represent a threat for the SAP Group.

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If you plan to trade on the German stock markets then certain little known assets such as the SAP company shares are really worth examining.Learn how to speculate on this share price using the information you need to know including its real time share price and a comprehensive full analysis of its recent history.  


General presentation of the SAP Company:

SAP, which stands for ‘Système Anwendungen Produkte’, is currently the number one company worldwide in the sector of integrated software sales.More precisely, the SAP Company sells integrated software such as management software as well as maintenance software, advice and training.

SAP achieves the majority of its turnover in Germany and Middle Eastern Europe but also operates its activities in other countries worldwide with over 76,986 employees.


Know the competition to SAP shares:

The SAP Company is one of the international leaders in the creation and distribution of software and integrated software.Through the development of this sector which is experiencing high demand as well as an innovative strategy that is solid and successful SAP currently holds fourth position in the global classification of software producers and suppliers.

The SAP Company lags behind major competitors such as Microsoft, Oracle and IBM which occupy the first three places in this classification.It is then followed by companies such as Symantec, EMC, VMware, HP, SalesForce, Intuit, Adobe and Cisco.

The Oracle Group is however the greatest threat to this company at present as the activities of this group are close to those of SAP.This company also has to face the dangers inherent in Cloud and Open Source which brings it closer to competitors such as Google which could be a serious threat over the long term.

It is therefore advised that you stay informed of news and events in this sector before launching into trading in the SAP company shares and particularly taking into account information on the direct and indirect competitors as well.


Strategic alliances implemented by the SAP Group:

The SAP Group has based its development strategy on the implementation of specific partnerships with competitors or companies in related sectors.Here are a few examples:


Introduction and quotation of the SAP shares:

The SAP share price is currently quoted on the Deutsche Boerse stock market and is also included in the calculation of the German stock market index, the DAX 30.

Historically its share price experienced a light downwards trend between 2006 and 2009 and finally settled into a progressive upwards trend that we can still observe today.


Stock market data

Through this article you have been able to learn certain interesting information about SAP shares including details of the activities exercised by this company and its activity sector and the historical movements in its share price over the last few years.You should now be in a position to implement effective investment strategies.However, to go even further and enable you to completely master this asset we offer you the opportunity now to learn other more general information which is nonetheless important relating to the SAP Company and its shares.

Of course, the information that you have learned is susceptible to change over time and should therefore be verified through your broker online or directly from the company’s website before you take position.


The advantages and strengths of SAP stock as a stock market asset :

First of all, one of the main strengths of this technology company is its innovations. Most of the products offered by the group are highly innovative and therefore very attractive to the general public and meet new consumer needs.

On the other hand, the SAP Group is strongly oriented towards new innovations and is constantly seeking to develop new products and technological solutions. To this end, it invests heavily in research and development in order to stay one step ahead of its competitors and to offer effective and useful products.

The SAP group's positioning in its sector of activity is of course another undeniable strong point. The group is one of the leaders in its field and thus earns the trust of consumers and customers. This positioning has been acquired by the group largely thanks to the very high quality of its products which have made its reputation over the years.

Recently, the SAP group has also been able to seduce professionals by integrating the new version of Business Objects into its solutions on the market. As a result, professionals can now purchase SAP software and deploy it completely independently.

Finally, organizations using the SAP Business One model can help the group directly target larger companies with a minimum of 100 employees.


Disadvantages and Weaknesses of SAP as a Stock Exchange Asset :

As we have just seen, the German SAP group has the qualities necessary for its future development and this could lead you to take a bullish position on its share today. But before embarking on this strategy, you should also take the time to analyze the few flaws in this stock and the weaknesses of the group that could hinder this growth.

First of all, the SAP group is strongly threatened by very strong competition from some of its competitors. It should be noted for example that the ERP developed by SAP is currently the one and only product of the group that can be compared to the products developed by the American giant Oracle which is one of the leaders in this market.

Although the SAP group's results have improved slightly over the last few years, it has still not managed to make real progress in a truly convincing manner and therefore does not sufficiently reassure its investors and shareholders.

The SAP group must still make efforts to diversify its activities and thus protect itself against the risks of exposure to one and the same sector of activity. Indeed, its activities are very targeted and its product range is still not very varied, which could be detrimental to it in the more or less long term.

Start trading in SAP shares:

To trade in the SAP share price using CFDs you simply need to open an online trading account.To do so, wait no longer and subscribe now to a reputable professional broker.

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Trade in SAP shares!
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